Julie Hughes-

REsident wise woman

I am a woman who finds great joy in supporting other women on their lives journey.  This has been my life's passion, joy and work.  Over the decades I have found myself working with women of all ages and stages, 100's of 1,000's of hours spent being with women.  I have been a mentor for teens, worked in domestic violence shelters, a guide for women through life's changes, a transformational coach for women and a midwife for over a decade

What I do:

I bring out women's innate power as well as their intuition.  I use a mix of a developed process, as well as space for intuitive flow to take you on your journey to uncover, rediscover and embrace/birth your wise woman within.  As a midwife for over 10 years this was one of my biggest "tools" in the process.  Women who trust themselves, who feel powerful in themselves are women who feel ALIVE and able to take up space in this world.

My gifts:

I believe we are all on this Earth walking around with special gifts. I have been told that one of my gifts is allowing women to feel heard, witnessed and powerful.  I bring it out with my questioning, mirroring and compassionately blunt way of speaking.  This serves you well in our relationship!  I am an amazing bull s*it reader; I can see so clearly through the stories that we tell about ourselves, that keep us from our connection....with myself, as well as others.  I find humor in it and don't take it to seriously.  I am able to truly see people; those I work with feel that and it allows for trust to occur and our work to go deep quickly.   I am incredibly intuitive, raw and real always real.

I use all of my gifts to help you!  We go deep and have fun in the process!