emotional freedom technique

Getting through your FUNK!

Do you ever have those days where you wake up in a funk!  You just can't fathom the day ahead and ADULTING seems like the hardest task ever?  You want to crawl back in bed pull the sheets over your head until the storm passes!  Oh but maybe you forgot YOU ARE THE ADULT!  You have to get up because who is going to make the breakfast, answer the gazillion questions, give all the kisses and cuddles, take out the trash, wipe down the counters and on and on.

We all go through these days!!!  I have gone through more than I can ever begin to recall.  In fact for a period of life I think I lived there daily.   After a few decades of this adulting thing I have finally found an answer!!!  I get up anyway!  I put breakfast on the table and then retreat to my sanctuary....my bathroom!!  I turn on the shower and emote.  Sing, cry, sob, shout, sometimes any of the previous turn into laughter.  I just let it out...whatever is in comes out, unquestioningly of where it came from just that it needs to come out.  Then I start tapping to get to the root of my funk.  I imagine that my bathroom is a magical place that holds me, wrings me out and releases me.  I rise from the ashes to to speak.

The smile returns and most of the time the funk lifts.  On the days that the funk doesn't life the emotional charge has been released allowing me to function to put on a real smile and show up to my day.