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Are you ready to cultivate a positive relationship with your menstrual cycle?

Do you want to feel healthier, happier and more connected to your own body?

Think it can’t be done?

No B.S here this class will help you will all of that and more!

Your menstrual cycle is literally communicating with all about the health or imbalance that is occurring within but you may not know the language, yet!

Join me for a 6 part online class helping you establish a good relationship with your hormones and menstrual cycle. In order to have a positive, healthy relationship you need 4 things: communication, understanding, time/focus, and curiosity. This course will help you understand what your body is communicating to you each and every month! It will help you understand yourself in a physical, emotional and mental way. It will create space and time for you to focus on and get curious about something that comes EVERY MONTH for 30-45 years. YOU READY?

It’s NOT rocket science ladies, it doesn’t require a degree just a willingness to learn and spend some time focusing. It’s about being curious, tuning in and going for the ride.

You may think that PMS and all that entails is just part of being a woman. It’s not! It’s your bodies way of telling you that something is out of balance. Your PMS isn’t torturing you it is trying to speak to you. To knock on your door, “Hey something is up in here”! If the knock isn’t heard it tends to get louder and louder until major symptoms appear. Bloating, major moods swings, cramping, acne, irregular bleeding, weight gain, anxiety etc. it’s not normal!

For those of you that have horrible PMS, fibroids, cysts and other issues it seems easy to connect the dots as to why this knowledge may help you. For the rest of you, I could go on for pages as to why but to keep it really simple; because this is something that is a part of your life for 35-45 years and you should understand it and all the changes that happen along the way! Your cycle literally communicates with you monthly ALL ABOUT your OVERALL HEALTH and you just don’t have the tools to understand it’s language. When something is going on with your cycle or in your “lady parts”, it is your body’s way of asking you to pay attention.

No matter where you are in your menstrual journey, this class will give you crucial knowledge that we all should have had all along!

So many of us were introduced to menstruation by way of embarrassment, shame, or maybe even ignoring. Even for those of us that menstruation was celebrated (or at least acknowledged) in our family life, as a larger culture it is still ignored. Starting off our menstrual path that way has consequences!

In an age when we know SO much and have advanced SO far in many areas, females still ignore and/or just don’t know much about our own body!

It’s not weird or wrong to know about how your own body functions it’s optimal and ideal! It’s not your fault that you don’t know, the majority of you don’t!!!

We go through the month unaware of the dance that the hormones are doing in our body and how much it impacts SO MANY THINGS. The potential power and knowledge that the menstruation brings to our lives and health is lost.

We get in the habit of not understanding or listening to our bodies cues from a young age because we think it’s normal. We experience PMS, sometimes debilitating, and we think it’s normal, “the women’s curse”.

This class isn’t meant to FIX you it is meant to CONNECT you to!

(Disclaimer many of your PMS symptoms, fibroids or cysts may very well take a hike when you connect, understand what is going on and make a few changes)

I will help you connect to what is! I will give you information and TOOLS that you can then take home, directly to your life and implement and not because I told you to but because you feel empowered! You now have an understanding, ah ha moments, and are excited to focus on and get connected to your ENTIRE cycle and how it impacts so many things, not just the bit where you bleed.

It isn’t just about physical health. We all know that hormones also impact our emotions! Knowing what hormones are turned on and when and how to embrace them, rather than stuff them or push them away is HUGE and will help you with emotionally healthy life. In this class I share the wisdom and the shadows that each phase presents.

In our time together I will give you information on:

  • Menstrual Cycle Mythology and History (It’s important to know how we got here ladies!)

  • Watching the flow (Learning the bodies language and what it is telling you about your hormonal balance or lack of throughout the previous month)

  • Seasons of menstruation (Ages and stages of menstrual health; what’s happening/normal from puberty to menopause)

  • Seasons of our cycle (Understanding our monthly hormonal dance! How hormones impact our sex drive, emotions, appetite, diet, blood sugar, sleep and so much more!)

  • Endocrinology 101 (Holistic view of the cycle)

  • Disruptors (What has the potential to throw our balance off and what we can do NOW to prevent the disruption)

  • Why this is important for our OVER ALL optimal health

  • Honoring our body with self care

  • Hormones 101

  • The importance of the microbiome, estrobolome and our overall gut health!

  • Tips for Reprogramming “the curse” how to identify what’s out of balance and how start to get back in the flow.

Class structure:

ONLINE CLASS. You will be given access to the online class and can take it at your own pace. The online class is more than 6 hours of information as well as additional resources, nutrition guides, ebooks, and womb work all with the goal of building up the relationship with yourself so you feel powerful with your cycles health.

The information in this class will EMPOWER you to feel more in charge of your own health for YEARS to come!

It’s time to work on the first and foremost relationship you have; yourself!

ONLINE CLASS Full Price: $75


“I wish they taught this stuff in school, so we wouldn't have been so clueless for so long"

"Holy hell, I learned so much in this class, that I had no idea I didn’t know! I can already feel a difference in my relationship with my cycle and had way less PMS this month! Thanks!” - Holly (age 34)


Q: I have never taken a live class before how does it work?

A: If you have ever watched a show or documentary on netflix, amazon, hulu; it works in the same way! You go to the website and click play and watch the video from the comfort of your home.

Do you want to create a more POSITIVE relationship with your menstrual cycle?