Have you spent spent 6 months or more trying to get pregnant and are ready for some guidance?

Are you hoping to conceive in the next 6 months and would like to be fully connected to your womb - your space of creation?  


Here is what we do in our 6 months together:

Disclaimer my guidance is not one size fits, so although we touch on many of the following, we may focus more on the area that YOU need.

Weekly 1:1 sessions (tapped and given to you each week)

  • Access to emails and additional support throughout 6 months.
  • You will learn ways to physically connect with your womb space.
  • You will learn energetic ways to connect with your womb space.
  • We will do some guided meditation and energy clearing around any maternal ancestral trauma that may be stored in your womb space.
  • We will work on your connection to the mother source and your mothering story.
  • We will work on ways specific to you for relieving stress and anxiety. 
  • We will work with nutrition.
  • We will work on completely understanding YOUR SPECIFIC cycle for optimum fertility.
  • We will work on your own desire and relationship to sexuality.
  • I will offer any womb healing that may need to be done

Your investment:

Your time and willingness to focus on the areas of connection and healing that I offer for you.

One time payment: $3000


(contact me julie@julieannesoulmidwife.com for payment options or for any questions)