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Hi! I'm Julie. I am a life cycle educator and guide. I am also a mama, midwife, speaker, creatrix, and healer.

I help girls, teens and women of all ages connect with their bodies in different phases of their lives.

I help normalize and bring power to big topics like puberty, menstruation, motherhood, midlife, and menopause.

Through education, guidance and specific mind, body, and spirit tools I help young girls, teens and women powerfully navigate different seasons in their lives.  I use a combination of live educating and connecting workshops, one-on-one sessions, and online transformational courses.  The work draws on my expertise in hormones, the female body, herbs, healing and mindfulness techniques.  I also draw on my own experience.  I am always on a path of growing, healing and becoming more me.


So glad you asked that!  I believe that the inner work that we do as females during these changing seasons in our lives allows us to build a strong internal home, leading to a content outer life, filled with true self-care, self-love and self-worth.  These things are what help us feel resilient in the ups  and downs of life.  The inner journey is often filled with unknowns, uncomfortability or "weirdness"  (as most younger girls call it).  It's incredibly helpful to have a midwife or a guide during these time to help you on your journey.  That's why I am here!

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