Ladies here's the deal.

I believe women need more spaces in life to share our stories, to be real and vulnerable with each other.  I have created this space in the real world in the form of some women's gatherings (if you are in colorado let me know!).  In the online world I have created a space for us. A space to get real with on another. To be witnessed by others, supported and loved. 

Yes we don't know each other...YET... yes it is vulnerable and maybe you don't even need this. But....if you do. I encourage you to show up. To use this space, to go places with me. I am only a guide for the group. I am not here to sell, to preach, just to be here with you and share my vulnerable self!

Vulnerability is POWERFUL!

So....if you want to be real, vulnerable and connect.  If you are ready to start owning your power, ready to start setting boundaries, hear your intuition, find your voice and to create true transformation in your life.  This is the group for you