For women experiencing their mid-life awakening

Come join me and 8 other women for the Spring session.  

First and foremost this program is about YOU.  A season in your life for you.  

Here is what I know about the time of mid life.  It's often a space of unraveling, of deep discomfort. Many of us feel unsatisfied in our current life, we feel lost, confused, depressed and often wonder how we got here. We feel an inner stirring, a wrestling in our inner soul and we don't know what to do with it!  Many women make big outside changes (new job, new hairstyle, new partner, new house) thinking it will solve the feelings that are swirling within, this dissatisfaction, the anger, the feeling of being stuck!  What is really needed is a re-shifting within!  A birth of ourselves for this second half of life, but for the birth to occur we need an inner death of things that don't work, that keep us in the state of fatigue and stuckness.  

Mid life is a period of getting to know who you really are.  It's a rite of passage where you are literally asked to go on an inner journey, transformation, an inner alchemy.  It's time to honor it in that way.  To go within, to be supported and do the work necessary to allow the alchemy to happen.


This journey is taken in three parts: the unraveling, building the foundation and taking the leap.

1.  Unraveling:  

  • This time in the journey is where you get uncomfortable and embrace it!

  • We look at your fears, work with your story, and discern what is yours and what never was (what comes from outside you/your family conditioning etc).

  • We work towards creating greater emotional freedom in your life.

  • We work towards creating a greater connection to who you authentically are and then owning it.

2.  Building the foundation:  Intuition and Power

  • These 3 weeks are spent on building.

  • We work on building a connection with who your truly are without all the labels you wear.

  • We also work on reclaiming your power. Bringing awareness to all the ways you use your power against yourself and give it away to others and establishing boundaries to keep your power with you.

  • Then our work shifts to building your intuition and trusting in yourself.

3.  The leap:  Integration and Action

  • From the strong foundation you created you begin to take action in your external life in whatever areas you know need action. With the support of a strong foundation, inner guidance and outer support.

  • You take the leap!


Why a group format?

Because it's GOOD to be supported, to be vulnerable in front of others and see the connection and reflection.


We all need a community, to be witnessed and to see we aren't alone!

I know it can be scary but there is power in the community!


If I haven't made it clear enough this is about YOU.  You get to commit to a season in your life where you focus on you.  You will get uncomfortable the process isn't always easy.  You will be challenged. We will also be playful. 



This isn't marketing b.s. 

I know it to be so. 

Take the leap!


*9 WEEKS of 90 min GROUP LIVE SESSION (TO BE RECORDED AND PUT IN A FILE FOR YOUR FOREVER USE).  Typically one hour is spent with me offering guidance/healings and the second part is for personal questions/coaching and sharing.

  • Mondays at 11am Mountain Time Zone



I have heard from the  “marketing” gurus that you need to see me 7 times before you trust me enough to buy anything. Here is the deal….this program is all about YOU, not me. So really it’s about trusting YOU enough to know if this is right for you and then doing what it takes to get into the program. I know that it feels scary to be vulnerable and that there are often MANY excuses that we can create about why this isn't the right time, to scary to be in a group format, to much money etc. I ask that you listen to those voices and know that those thought patterns aren't going to work for you in the second part of your life.


Fall session Starts April 8th 

Cost: 1 time payment of $397

That is less than $40 a session (two yoga classes, a weeks worth of Starbucks, and less than a massage with a LONG TERM transformational affect!)

(Payment plans available by request)

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