Mothering the Self Online Course

-Nourishing mothers from the inside out- 

This course will help mom’s connect to their 'inner mother', as a way to live a life of radical self-care.  If you are a mom that has been feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, stressed, tired way to much of the time, blah and/or burned out then this course is for you.

 The problem that many of us face is that we often put it all into everyone else; our kids, our jobs, our partners, family and little time, energy or fuel is left for us.  

To many of us don’t even think about making time for ourselves because….well there is no time, that’s selfish, there is no money, what’s the point, everyone else can do it, it's not that important, I don't really need it.  It’s  time to change your mothering story to discover your own inner mother and to do listen and live life from that nourishing place. 


In this course I will give you a map and tools for you to put more YOU in your life. 

You will learn specific information and easy to implement tools for:  

*Building up your body and clearing mental fog and fatigue!

*Building up your womb power to feel more connected, powerful and energized.

*Growing your intuition as a guide to knowing what you need and how to mother yourself.

*Creating boundaries in your life.

*Discovering more time in your day (truly it is there and I can help you find it)

*Uncovering your barriers, yes but's, excuses and how to break through them.

*Establishing intentional nourishing self-care and self-love practices.

What if you focused on MOTHERING YOU?

In motherhood we often focus on our growing children and sometimes we forget to grow ourselves.  When they leave the house many women are empty not only in the proverbial nest but inside.    


 Does it trigger feelings of selfishness, guilt, unworthiness, self-importance?  THEN YOU NEED THIS COURSE!  Ladies there is a reason why the saying goes, you must put your oxygen mask on first.  So why don't you do it?  Seriously, if we don't start showing up for ourselves, especially in a culture of be all, do it all, all the time then how the heck can we be all and do all for anyone?  There is NOTHING left but a shell, a mask walking through the day dealing with what you should do, how you should be.

THAT DOESN'T WORK anymore!  Being "Fine" DOESN't WORK ANYMORE!!!

What works is who YOU really are!  What works is deeply caring for yourself!  What works is making YOU a priority! This shifts everything.  Life can still get messy sometimes, even a little stressful sometimes but when we connect with that inner mother we no longer LIVE from that place all the time.  It becomes a place that we visit and then know how to return from.

If this sounds like what you need, what you deserve, then SIGN UP NOW!  Seriously, I know you may not know me yet but you do know you and that you need this!  I know that this course will be TRANSFORMATIONAL for you!  All that's left is signing up!

8 Week Break Down

Act #1  Your mothering story - Story is vital to our connection and understanding of the world.  Expressing your story is both healing and activating!  In this act we will:

  • Unravel cultural & generational mothering stories and wounds that may impact how you experience yourself.

  • Become familiar with your own story.

  • Learn specific techniques to unlock your story and creatively express it in the way that YOU need.

Act #2 Boundaries and Discipline - Boundaries and discipline are KEY to mothering yourself! A mother sets boundaries to help create ease and security.  In this act we will:

  • Unpack your current relationship with boundaries.

  • Get familiar with your own boundary blockers and ways to let them go.

  • Learn how to set boundaries or fine tune areas that may need help.

  • Practicing saying NO as a way to say YES to YOU.

  • Unlock your own potential for self-discipline and self-growth.

Act #3 Breaking down Barriers - We all have barriers/blocks that keep us from making the changes that we need, that keep us from our own power.  In order to feel free, nourished and powerful we have to break them down.  In this act we will:

  • Address the "yes buts", habit patterns and excuses that STOP you from showing up for YOU!

  • Start breaking the barriers through guided exercises and a community of women to help support YOU! Our group session this week will be powerful!

  • Learn about neurobiology of habit patterns and how to break them

  • Introduction to the concept of Trauma Response System and Compassion Fatigue.

  • Release what no longer serves you.

Act #4 Embrace Transformational Self-Care - Self-care has been pigeon holed into "mama time" or a yoga class.  There is nothing wrong with those things but TRANSFORMATIONAL self-care is SO MUCH MORE!  It's all about the selfs: self-care, self-love, self-acceptance.  In this act we will:

  • Use the power of transformational self-care to guide you back to yourself.

  • Engage with specific exercises in self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance.

  • This act is PACKED full of raw, simple, powerful opportunities for change.

Act #5 Building up the Body: Adrenals, Fatigue and Mental Clarity.  In this act we will.

  • Dive deep into the our hormonal health by focusing on our adrenals.

  • Give you tools to lift the mental fog and physical fatigue.

  • Food choices for connection.

Act #6 Power Up  - Nourishing yourself requires that you reclaim your power.  In this act we will:

  • Begin to reclaim or continue building up your internal power.

  • Break down how we give our power away and/or use it against ourselves.

  • Talk about sex and your womb power.

Act # 7 Tune In- Start tapping into your intuition as a way to KNOW what you NEED.  In this act we will:

  • Utilize various exercises to get clear on WHAT you need and how to express that.

  • Grow your intuition as a guide for mothering yourself.

  • Tap into your intuition to guide your schedule.

Act #8  Integrate & Activate - Integration is living more in harmony with your environment.  We will look at this from an internal and external view in your life.  Integration is the final piece of your puzzle.  In this act we will:

  • Take what we have learned in the course and create a guide for your life.

  • Use specific activating techniques to create the change YOU need and want.

What's included?

  • 8 week course that you can access online and for life.

  • 8 Guidance videos to give you the heart based learning and healing that you need to connect and inspire your care and growth.

  • Weekly invitations where you dig deep into the work. Filled with simple exercises that will open doors of change in your life.


  • Access to Mothering the Self Facebook group where I go live to offer further wisdom, answer questions and share in a community setting.

  • 1 1:1 transformational coaching session with me to schedule at your convenience within 3 months of signing up. We all need additional help. We spend 1 full hour together where I offer further guidance, healing work or to answer your questions.


It's gonna be a wild, nurturing ride!


Pay in full- $185  

Course and discounted 3 1:1 session: $400 Let's face it we all need help, especially when it comes to helping ourselves!  I am offering 3 discounted 1:1 session for those of you that know you want to implement this into your life and also KNOW that you need additional guidance and coaching.