Powerful Puberty

Empowering 5 1/2-hour experience CONNECTING mothers and daughters to one another and their bodies.

In our culture the transition phases of our lives are not often honored, noticed or celebrated.  This workshop will change that! This workshop frames puberty as exactly what it is, a transition period in life where the brain, body and soul are going through major transformation. The workshop gives your daughter a ton of empowering knowledge about this phase in a fun, interactive and celebratory way.  Don't get me wrong we also talk all about the up's and down's of this period.

 The intention for the day is to set a strong foundation for girls to grow into, as well as connection points for good communication for the mother/daughter relationship, through helping girls connect with themselves, their self-worth and self love, as we explore their changing bodies.    

The ground work that we do in this transition helps them navigate what is just around the bend.  The "big" choices and peer pressure. 

This is the stage that they have the opportunity to find their voice, learn to grow the connection to their body and feel powerful in themselves.  


Puberty has been one of those topics that we have kept kinda secretive.  Many of us had an hour or two health class, where girls and boys were split up and basics were taught. If we were lucky our mom’s might have had “a talk” with us but for MANY of us we were on our own.  It became this secret thing that we all know happens but few talk about.  It became embarrassing, shameful, “weird”. In the end we are denying the power of this transition.  This is a time in a girl’s life where she is becoming and discovering herself as an individual, she is trying things on.  This is a time of life where things can also be very confusing for her: where she can feel lonely, emotional and disconnected.  THIS is a time when connection is HUGE for her.  This class helps her gain the knowledge of what is happening in her mind and body during this time, it helps give her (and you) a LOT of tools on how to help support her emotionally, physically and mentally AND it gives you both connection; connection both to each other and to a larger group of women and their daughters.

This day is also for you mamas! 

We were all ushered into our own puberty in many different ways.  For many of us we would like to help create something very different for our own daughters.  This time in our daughter's life might bring up wounds that were created during our own young adulthood.  Although we don't get to control how they experience puberty we can be open, honest and loving as we set the stage and connection for what is to come or happening.  We can show them now, how much we love, honor and support them.  This will help them and you.  

 In their own words!

Learn more about the workshop from girls who have experienced it!  

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5 1/2 Hour Experience Includes

*Strengthening mother/daughter relationship at a crucial time in child's life

*Age appropriate empowering information 

*Tools to use for the coming change.

*Education around all things puberty.  This is not just your typical health class information.  We talk about the whole self; mind, body and spirit AND the WHY? Giving you information that many mom’s don’t even know about their bodies!

*Explore puberty in a community setting: so often in our culture we "hide" big life topics (death, birth, puberty).  A culture of shame and secrecy around menstruation and puberty are created and this can lead to body shame, secrecy and disconnection for the young girl.

*Games, art work, education and discussion.

*Workshop includes a mother/daughter journal to take home.

AND SO MUCH MORE................

Who is this for? 

Mother's and daughters (ages 8/9-11/12)

If your daughter has recently started menstruating and is on the younger side of the age spectrum this course will still be a good fit for her.  If she has been menstruating for a year or more this workshop isn't a good fit. 

The age limit is a guide for you.  If your daughter is older that 11/12 and has yet to menstruate that is normal and she would be more than welcome to attend!

Have more questions?  FAQ's found below workshop dates

If you would like to bring this experience to your community please contact Julie to arrange a specific date and time. Julie travels all around the U.S offering this workshop.


"I had already learned about puberty in class before and DID NOT want to go to this workshop. My mom made me and I am glad she did, it was so much fun...I kinda still can't believe it. I learned way more than in my school class, because I was having fun learning." (11 year old)

“I am so surprised by the way that my daughter opened up during the day!” - Mom of 10 year old

"The workshop was incredible and truly meaningful. L and I enjoyed ourselves and it seems to have laid the ground work for lasting deep rooted connections. I have already read journal entries that are making me tear up." (Mom of daughter age 10)

"The day was so much fun and went by so fast.  I met all sorts of new friends." -N. age 9

"Since the workshop ended my daughter and I have been cuddling more and writing in our journal daily.  The workshop opened up a new space for us to step into.  She has asked me several times if we can do it again" -J and L (age 9)

"If you have a daughter heading towards puberty, this is an amazing workshop and way for you to bond with your daughter in ways you might find surprising" (Mom of daughter age 10)

“Wow this day was WAY funner than I thought it was going to be. I wanna take it again” (T age 11)

"My daughter told several people in the days following the workshop that she had gone to a puberty workshop.  Most people looked at her like it must have been torture.  She replied that it was great to know that there were other girls just like her!  It felt reassuring to her.  Thanks for creating that space" (Mom of daughter age 10)

There are two ways to attend this workshop!  One is creating a private group with friends, family and community.  Contact me to find out availability  for this workshop.  Julie travels all around the U.S offering this workshop. The other way is to attend a public workshop in your area.  YOU CAN FIND BOTH OPTIONS BY SCROLLING BELOW!

PRIVATE Community Workshops


Having a common language during this time of transition can be a powerful tool for girls who are in community together.  This workshop is available to be offered to groups of girls who are already in community with one another; attend the same school, sports, family, friend groups etc. 

If you would like to bring this experience to your community please contact Julie to talk further. 


Date: 8/24/19

Time: 9-2:30

Heather’s Group- PRIVATE CLASS

Date: 9/7/19

Time: 9-2:30

Marti’s Group- PRIVATE CLASS

Date: 10/12/19

Time: 9-2:30

Upcoming Workshops Around the Country


****I offer one partial scholarship per workshop.  Apply for the scholarship here or at the bottom of this page!*****

If you need to cancel for whatever reason you will be offered a spot in an upcoming workshop that fits your schedule.  

If you have MORE THAN ONE daughter attending the price for the second daughter is only $50. Please click on the Sign up button for additional daughter to pay for you three.

Golden, CO

Date: 8/25/19

Time: 9-2:30

Location: 4415 Eldridge Rd. Golden

Cost: $150 per pair (includes snack, lunch, journal, all art supplies, gift and resource binder)

Lafayette/Boulder, CO

Date: 9/8/19

Location: Gaia Health- 1255 Cimarron St #201

Cost: $150 per pair (includes snack, lunch, journal, all art supplies, gift and resource binder)

Ft. Collins, CO

Date: 9/29/19

Time: 9-2:30

Location: Cafe Vino

Cost: $150 per pair (includes snack, lunch, journal, all art supplies, gift and resource binder)

St. Paul MN

Date: October 27th, 2019

Location: Health Foundations Birth Center, 968 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

Time: 9-2:30

Cost: $150 per pair (includes snack, lunch, journal, all art supplies, gift and resource binder)

More dates added all the time. Sign up for newsletter to stay updated!

If you would like to attend this workshop and would like to apply for a scholarship please apply here:


Q- Wow, 5 1/2 hours is a long time?  Will my daughter be able to sit for a 5/12 hour workshop? 

A- This is a VERY interactive workshop.  We get up and move or do some sort of project for each and every topic that we cover.   We don't just spend 5 1/2 hours talking about puberty.  The transition is SO MUCH more than just what is happening in the body.  We work with all of it.  

Q- Do you talk about sex in this workshop?

A- No I don’t cover sex. I cover the menstrual cycle but do not talk about sex. This gives you an opening to continue this conversation at home. It’s time! Here is link where I talk about how to have big conversations!

Q- 8-12 is a wide age gap.  Is it really appropriate to have girls in the same workshop.

A- Yes it is!  What we cover is age appropriate for all in this group.  Puberty starts as early as 8 for many girls and for others not until around 12.  Although there is an emotional capacity difference between these girls the framework for the course allows that to be an asset for all!  For those girls, that are already starting to go through changes, they will be able to contribute their own experiences and deepen the conversation for the other girls.  We will not be talking about relationships or sex in this workshop.  My teen workshop will go more in depth with personal power around sexuality and deepen the talk around menstruation.

Q- Is there a religious component to this course?   

A- No.  

Q-  What does the course cover?

A-  We cover many topics self-care, self-love, stories, what is happening in the brain and the body, menstruation and menstruation devices, we talk about normal vrs. abnormal, awkward and powerful, and emotions.  We create love letters, self-care plans, menstrual ceremonies and deepen our emotional language.  Younger people learn better and deepen their learning through interaction and activities.  This workshop has plenty of deepening and connecting activities.



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