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Powerful Puberty II

A 3 hour interactive workshop for middle school girls and their mothers.

More than anything girls at this age are faced with figuring out who they are as an individual at this new “middle stage” inside the ever important peer group.

They are faced with peer pressure, more independence, more responsibilities and an ever increasing stress and anxiety amongst this age group. These are hard things to navigate, especially when their bodies are physically changing and hormones are “raging” This workshop offers concrete tools, exercises and take homes in a group setting to help them (and you) feel more powerful, easeful and connected!

There are so many changes: emotionally, physically and mentally that occur during this middle space in a girls life, that shape how she feels and thinks about herself for years to come. Middle school girls are in a literal middle space between kid and young adult.  Girls bodies are developing (at different rates).  They are still kids, often times living in an adult looking bodies.  This makes them feel all the feels.  Some are ready to embrace this change and others are pushing it away.   As they begin to look outside more at media and peers for their identity they are being inundated with images and ways that they are "suppose to be". 

The middle school years are also a space of growing more socially independent.  The importance of peer groups on a girls identity ramps up; clothes, peers, what people think become increasingly important.  Psychologically, this time period is characterized by: moodiness, increased peer pressure and importance, an increase in stress, increase in complex thought, more expressive emotions, body image importance, independence of thought and decision making.

Middle school is a time that often feels really stormy and stressful for many young people.  

In this 3 hour workshop we come together to talk about these big topics.  In this workshop I offer various games, and experiences for girls to understand on a deeper level who they are as an individual and how perfect that is. Feeling powerful inside themselves help them feel strong amongst all the stress and pressure they are faced with! The workshop also offers role playing to give them tools to feel strong in their bodies, minds and spirits as they go through this challenging time.  It is a time to bring forward, make conscious and break down some of the messages they are receiving from the larger society.  It's an intentional time to talk about big things like; body image, emotional storms, peer pressure, social media and self power amongst their ever important peer groups. 

Did I mention this workshop is also FUN!

This workshop is highly interactive.  Most of the workshop is spent doing art integration exercises, art work, role-playing, and "games".   Their experience in this workshop will have impactful imprinting and increasing of their critical thinking.  For each of the topics covered there is some out of the box, fun, integration experience to the learning and there is chocolate :) 

Why Take this workshop?

Because she is being inundated with messages ALL DAY long about who she is "suppose to" be and all you want her to be is herself!

Because hearing this information from an "outsider" is really helpful at this stage in her life.

Because these topics aren't being covered in school and that is failing her. 

Because parenting a middle schooler can be hard and seeking guidance from someone who has tools to offer and connections to facilitate is invaluable.  

Because she needs you to keep showing up for her, even when she says she doesn't!

What's Covered:

*3 hour workshop ages 12-14 (or whatever age your middle schooler is)

*Body Image break down: Eye & Heart opening exercise

*Self Power in a peer setting: Role playing exercise

*Resilience in the emotional storms

*Social Media impacts and imprints 

Don't let money be an obstacle to taking this course.  I offer one partial scholarship per workshop.  Please contact me julie@julieannesoulmidwife.com to inquire about this option.

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 20th

Location: 4415 Eldridge St. Golden

Time: 10-1

Cost: $90 (Includes snack, all art supplies and a morning filled with fun and connection)

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