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Burn out and compassion fatigue are one of the MAIN reasons why birth workers leave or are unsatisfied in their profession.  The studies and statistics show it!  If you are a current birth worker: a midwife, student midwife, prenatal or postpartum doula, birth assistant, labor and delivery nurse, then I believe you need this course!  If you have never experienced burn out this course will help keep you going strong.  If you have felt burnt out then this course will help put you on a path towards thriving in your personal and professional life!

Knowledge is power! 

Your practice will be transformed by bringing light to the theoretical work of burn out, compassion fatigue, and post traumatic stress COMBINED with the inner work of boundaries, self care, self-compassion and self awareness.

Invest in yourself and see the ripple effects in your personal and professional life!

In order to show up for others we need to cultivate a solid understanding of our own triggers, barriers and stories of why and how we don't always show up for ourselves!  Birth work is beautiful and intense: the schedule, the physical nature, and the emotional aspects.  This work is important to be the best we can be for both ourselves and those we serve.  



4 Part Online Course with Videos and Workbooks

Part 1: Burn Out

  • Theory of burn out including; signs, symptoms and stages and how it relates directly to your personal and professional life.

  • A guide book full of real life practical exercises to engage with the theory in a meaningful, self- reflective way, to help shift your personal and professional practice.

Part 2: Compassion Fatigue and PTSD

  • Dive deep into the neurobiology and psychology of trauma and trauma exposure response.

  • Focus on theory of Compassion Fatigue and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and its direction relation to the birth professional field.

  • Access to online handouts and documents to help deepen your understanding and assess your needs as a birth professional.

  • A guide book to help engage you in self-reflection.

Part 3: Creating Your Wellness/Business Plan

  • An introduction to self-care techniques to implement in the moment of a long birth; techniques demonstrated include movement, rest and energy release.

  • Exploring the importance of morning and evening rituals and creating ones that work for you.

  • A guide to help you create and enact your own wellness plan; including self-reflective work on what stops us from working our own plan and a Facebook group to act as a support system.

Part 4: Diving Deep

  • Explore the root reasons why we may experience burn out; taking off those band aids and diving into the inner depths.  Looking at our relationship with perfection, service, fear, worthiness and self-compassion, self-awareness and resilience.

  • A guide book full of exercises to help you along with your inner work.

There's More!

Each and every session contains a video explaining theory and practice for that session.  In addition each session contains a guide book with several exercises for you to do on your own (this is where the juicy work begins!).  


Pay in Full: $50


"Transforming Your Professional Birth Practice" was more than I expected.  Julie gave me meaningful questions to ask myself; digging deeply into the "why" I work the way I do.  She provided relevant exercises to stretch my boundaries of how I can run my birth practice and ultimately this course has led me to start restructuring how I approach my professional life in general"

 -Kristina Statler, doula and midwife, Maui, HI