Manifesto of the heart-centered woman entrepreneur. Changing the way business is done!

Welcome to 2017 where it is TOTALLY possible to have a heart-centered business, where YOU create your own schedule, that provides VALUE to the world, creates positive change and makes money.

You may be saying, yeah right, this is just another gimmick, that sounds WAY to good to be true.  Here's the thing IT'S TOTALLY REAL and waiting for YOU.  Women ALL over the world are harnessing their own intuition, their God/Goddess given talents and launching heart-centered businesses that make a different in the world and create the freedom that they desire.

 It's no longer about how much TIME you work, how stressed or burned out you can become to make the most money.  Women are changing the paradigm. We are figuring out that intuition, flow, focus, clarity and simplicity are KEY to creating a heart-centered business that serves us and others.  

We are resetting the wheel and shifting the business paradigm.  

Where we as business owners value and take care of ourselves because we KNOW that means we are able to serve others fully.  We know that doing inner work creates outer transformation and change in the world and we aren't afraid to do it.

 We are no longer afraid to be us!  

We don't live out of what we should do, who we should be; we reclaim who we are and live our best selves.  We schedule our month and business based on what we already know about our own internal rhythms, meaning we do twice as much work in half as much time.  Hiking, movement are all parts of the creation process and we schedule in the time to do them.  We LIVE our lives and we LOVE ourselves and our business. 

Holy, WOW, women are up to amazing things in the world.  We are changing it one step at a time from the inside out.

Here are a few of my favorite heart-centered, change making femmepreneurs and mompreneurs.

Kara Marie Ananda, Lacey Broussard, Ariel Frey, Kristina Kuzmic, Glennon Doyle, Anna Lovind

Who is rocking your world at the moment?