Are you going through menopause and feel lost in your body and/or you life?

Are you hoping that this phase of your life will provide greater connection to your self and your purpose?  



Disclaimer my guidance is not one size fits, so although we touch on many of the following, we may focus more on the area that YOU need.

Weekly 1:1 sessions (tapped and given to you each week)

  • Access to emails and additional support throughout 6 months.
  • You will learn ways to physically connect with your womb space (if you no longer have a womb that's okay!!!  There is still an energetic source there needing to be connected with)
  • You will learn energetic ways to connect with your womb space.
  • We will connect with the creative purpose this portion of your life offers you.
  • We will do some guided meditation and energy clearing around any trauma that may be stored in your womb space.
  • I will offer guidance on herbal hormonal support during this time.
  • I will offer guidance around nutritional support during this time.
  • We will work on your own desire and relationship to sexuality.
  • I will offer any womb healing that may need to be done


Your time and willingness to focus on the areas of connection and healing that I offer for you.

One time payment- $1500

(contact me @ for payment plan options or for any questions)