Empowering women to feel more connected, energetic and hormonally balanced at all of the ages and stages of hormonal life!

Those aches, pains, PMS, monthly emotional storms, fatigue, lack of motivation, lack of sex drive, fibroids, cysts, perimenopausal and postpartum yuck. 

Despite what we have been told, that's not normal and more importantly we can do something about it!

That's your womb speaking, are you ready to listen? The work I do with you helps you understand what you body is saying and why and best of all to be able to respond and repair!

Specifically this work helps women who are experiencing

  • Menstrual Cycle Pain or Intensity otherwise called PMS (teens and adults)

  • Perimenopausal women who are experiencing emotional or physical upset

  • Women who need help getting off the Birth Control Pill

  • Fertility Awareness Training

  • Postpartum mother's who are experiencing blues, fatigue, disconnection, low sex drive

  • Sexually fatigued, low libido or sexually "dead"

  • Fertility Assistance

  • Women who are experiencing disconnection with their creativity, power and deeper sense of self

  • Women who just don't feel happy "down there" and know they want and need connection!

I have been called the womb mother.  In the work that we do together I help you find the ROOT cause to your issues and then empower you to heal!  The work we do together marries science and intuition.  The work is meant to empower you to understand your body more intimately in order to listen and be able to respond to what is out of balance; emotionally, physically, hormonally or otherwise. This work is SO IMPORTANT and WILL positively impact the rest of your overall health and wellness! 

Our womb space is our life force -  It's time to tune in and connect

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Womb Speak

One on one sessions in person or online. 

Let’s sit down together and dig deep into what’s out of wack in your life/hormones and get you feeling vital, healthy and connected!

The sessions last 1 hr in duration and if done online the session is recorded and sent to you. 

Cost: $50 per hour

Package Deal: 3 1 hr. sessions $130

Contact Me @ julie@julieannesoulmidwife.com to ask questions about your specific needs and to see if we are a good fit!

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Fertile Womb

Intuitive Fertility Coaching

6 month guidance for women who have been trying to get pregnant and are ready for deep guidance and connection around their womb space and future pregnancy.  


Do you want to create a more POSITIVE relationship with your menstrual cycle?