Empowering 3 hour workshop connecting women to their bodies, hormones and emotions during this major change of life!

You have “heard” about it right? The change! What you have heard probably doesn’t make you all that excited about what is to come (other than the eventual end of your period). The hot flashes, the lack of sleep, the vaginal dryness, the TAWANDA emotional upheavals, the sagging of everything. Sounds like fun right?

Here’s the thing, Perimenopause isn’t a laundry list of symptoms that suck!

It is a transition time in life that changes you from the inside out; it can be incredibly transformative and powerful! It can be something that you are an active participant in and not just something that happens to you! Knowledge is POWER! Going into this stage of life in a state of unknowing or possibly dealing with current hormonal imbalances or emotional stuckness will make this transition so much harder! Let me share with you knowledge about what is occurring in your body, brain and the path to optimal transitional health, emotional freedom and vitality for the change.

Ladies, get yourself to a workshop so we can dive deep into what perimenopause actually is!

This workshop helps you understand the unwinding of hormones, the changes in your brain, what is normal, what isn’t and where the symptoms are coming from (and even how to help them). This workshop helps you connect with this transition in life in a positive and empowering way!

In this workshop I will take you on an empowering journey. A journey of education: what is normal and not normal during this transition, how to prepare and go through the transition with physical ease and provide concrete things to do NOW to help with the hormonal unwinding. We will also be digging deep into the emotional side of the journey through creative art work and personal processing and creating a vision for what you are excited to create moving forward in life.

Perimenopause is a transition in life that affects all the things; the hormones, the brain chemistry and the overall life and vitality of a woman! It is something that is rarely discussed in society as this time period begins the “decay” of a woman. In reality this time period simply begins a new chapter in a woman’s life. Her entire body goes through massive transformation from the very structure of her brain, her hormones and often her perception of her self and her relationships with others. It is a time of transformation, depth and reorganization.

Who is this workshop for:

  • This workshop is perfect for women who have a desire to understand more about the changes that are occurring in perimenopause on a physical, mental and emotional level!

  • Women ages 37+ (Yep the first phase of menopause starts in the late 30’s and the second one around 45 until menopause)

  • Women who are hoping to meet the transformation that is coming feeling empowered!

(This is a great workshop to take with friends who are in the same phase of life as you! The workshop can also be booked for a private group 8 or more required for this option).

3 Hour Experience Includes:

Empowering information about the perimenopausal period (hormonal changes, brain chemistry changes, emotional changes, symptoms and how to work with them) from a midwife, hormonal health educator and coach.

Connection with other women in your community going through this phase of life

Fun and creative space for you to spend the morning learning and connecting with yourself

Creation of a rite of passage ceremony for yourself

Yummy snacks and a journal

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Please contact me if you would like to book this workshop for a private group of friends/family

April 27th:

Location: Gaia Women’s Health, 1255 Cimarron Dr Suite 201, Lafayette, CO 80026

Time: 9-12

Cost: $125 (Includes journal, art supplies, resource binder and 3 hours of connection and empowering information)


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